Friday, May 14, 2010

moomfudd n soons.

so we played our last show with laura in portland which went the best. it was jord's birthday and i think it made the show better somehow. we were all playing well, it felt great. laura played stunningly too, man she's good. smoke fairies killed it too. it was sad to leave those guys but hey, it's not like we were going off on tour with a bunch of non-brits again. mumford ahoy!

we slept then bailed on the road up to canada. along the way we saw some pretty stunning sights. this amazing hotel just sitting in the middle of this big wide open area with huge picturesque mountains snow capped in the background way away. and we stopped off at a lake between two enormous mountains too. we just don't have scenery like this in australia. next to the lake basically at the same level as the lake were a bunch of trees and flatland. like a flooded zone. it was just...don't even know. it was kinda surreal-ly awesome. i wish i had a camera at moments like that. thanks a lot detroit.

two hotel rooms in montreal again. amazing. rohin's birthday, i guess that was the occasion. they have those crazy bike rental systems here too, like in paris. i kinda wish i'd done it, looked like a bit of a lark. i wound up going and seeing the nightmare on elm street remake. i get to the cinema and it's like oh ho ho ho frenchy. everything was in french. even the ticket guy was like BONJEWER OH HO HO. so anyway i ended up seeing it only in french and without subtitles. the title was translated badly too. it translates back to english as "the glove in the night" or something. weird right. i understood what was going on most of the time. the wonder of horror films. but anyway besides some really cool looking shots the film was a mess. some of the closeups were tons out of focus and the pacing was just wack. like you see freddy properly like 5 seconds into the film. goodbye tension.

after that i tried to get a royal with cheese but it was just called a la quartear pewendearrr or something like that. boring. i went to a pizza store after that but they had no pizza. why was it still open then? sigh. back to hotel, sleep time.

woke up today and some of us went and sussed some breakfast for ro's birthday. after what felt like 2 months of walking we found a place and ate. delicious. back to hotel. we went out after a bit to the op shop and i bought a nice jacket, scarf and a winter hat that looks like something a woman in the 20's would have worn. nice. they had this ballpit there too but instead of balls it was clothes. like it was a whole other room (pretty big too) that you took your shoes off and went digging through these mountains of clothes. seriously so awesome. this was a sick op shop.

after that we went and loaded into the venue. nice little theatre kinda thing. so good seeing the mumford guys again. many hugs all around. ben (mumford) bought a cooker that he thought was for rice but it turns out it's a slow cooker so his meals will now take hours to make. this is hilarious. mark and i went and found food and i ate too much and felt sick while we played. mumford played solid. we all had champagne and a tiny little cake for ro's birthday. it was grand. we loaded out and now i'm back at the hotel. the hotel is literally like 20 metres walk from the backstage door of the venue. now that's taking care of business. lotty would be so proud of us.

boston next. tomorrow night.



  1. Mike. My jumper is nicer than Freddy's. His is red. Mine is a nice grape colour. ok?

  2. Mike, I have a camera if you'd like to borrow it? Better still, how about you come pick me up and I'll do all the photo work for you?

  3. So jealous you are in Canada! It's so beautiful. What is the weather like this time of year? They don't have scenery like that in Australia because God gave it all to NZ. ha! I'm excited to see your show in a couple'a weeks. Hard to believe y'all are going all the way from Canada to Tx. in such a short amount of time!