Monday, May 10, 2010

hi it's vince with the sla-sla-sla-sla-sla-sla-sla-slaslaslaslaslaslaslaslaschopchopchopchopchopchopchop - WATCH THIS.

hi it's vince with the slap chop, and you're gonna be in a great mood allll day, cause you can slap all your troubles away with the slap chopSLAP SLAP all your troubles away with the slap chop.

alright so canada was nice. i had a crepe. if you imagine crepe as a different way of saying crap then everything to do with crepes becomes funnier. try it out. make it happen. turns out there was a whole stack of australians at the show. weird huh? i love australians. they remind me of home for some reason. after canada we went down to somewhere. oh yeah, grand rapids. that was nice. i don't really remember much about the show though. oh wait now i do. i just asked joe. we played at a venue called the women's literary club. it was like a little recital theatre kinda thing with a stage and curtains and everything. it felt like we were in one of those high school movies. they gave us money to eat dinner too. i love it when shows give you money. also there was chocolate.

turns out laura marling & her band (and smoke fairies who are the second support) are basically the nicest people ever. touring with british people is amazing. they're all so courteous and funny and proper and excellent people all around. can't say enough good things about touring with these guys/girls so far. they're all killer players and performers too. their sound guy joel rules too. and the guitar tech, dave. i could tour with these people for ages.

after grand rapids we went to detroit. detroit swallowed my phone and for this i will deny it being talked about. f u detroit.

next: the most exciting stop for me so far. the andy warhol museum. it was real sick to play there. i spoke to this guy ben who runs the museum i think and he gave me a bit of a tour. showed me the projection booth. they have a bunch of the negatives for his films there but unfortunately they usually show them on dvd. bit of a let down but understandable cause they're showing them every day. they'll probably do some new hi-def transfers of them soon. not bad. the show was weird, felt a little sterile. i think cause realistically we were playing in a cinema. ben gave me this dvd after the show which is 13 of andy's screen tests of actors set to music. it looks pretty sick, keen to tuck in. he was telling me that george romero and tom savini are locals so they do stuff there from time to time like zombie nights and tom savini will screen films he's worked on there. apparently they're rad dudes. i would love to come to a halloween party with makeup done by tom savini. imagine that! also apparently romero's kid runs a few haunted houses on the outskirts of pittsburg (oh, i forget to mention that's where the museum is SORRY) that rule. i'm so keen to visit one it's insane. like i would lose my mind in one. go legitimately crazy. i haven't been to a good haunted house in a while but a good one is GOOD. thinking of trying to get to the one at disneyworld or land. i don't know if i'll end up there though. bit of a bummer. hmm.

also rich was there. we went to an eatery for lunch and it was great. good to see a familiar face, especially one as friendly as rich's.

next night: buffalo. this was a weird venue but pretty sick. it was FREEZING in buffalo. it's in new york. new york is cold so far. anyway while walking around (poor bree turned into a breesickle) we found this thing which turned out to be the city hall. it is actually the coolest building i've seen in america so far and I DIDN'T HAVE MY CAMERA BECAUSE IT IS LOST IN DETROIT. sigh. here's pictures anyway.

seriously. so good. i wish i'd gotten to go inside. it was so intense just turning a corner and seeing this massive thing. suss out more about it here: if you enjoy art deco stuff this is a goldmine. hoo boy.

so yeah, the building excited me.

marcus (mumford) turned up at the show too. it was so good to see a familiar face. fantastic hugs were had. he did a bit of mandolin with laura too. laura's cellist ruth finally joined the tour as well and adds so much to her sound live. it's great. also it was joel (sound fellow)'s birthday. rachel (TM for laura marling) organised a cake and champagne and everything. it was such a good time. eventually we loaded out into the freezing cold and went back to our respective hotels. we slept in a bit then went and saw niagra falls on the way to portland (maine) where we are now. the falls were sick. just watching the water continually fall was hypnotic. weird looking over and seeing canada too. the drive took a while. i watched the end of the last detail, sunset blvd (amazing), in the electric mist and i finished off watching izo and the keep. good sesh. it's jord's birthday now. we got two hotel rooms for the first time in a while too. it's so good not to have to be sharing one room with 6 people. the best. might try and see a film tomorrow (still haven't been to the pictures in america...criminal).


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  1. rich as in rich from deakin who i did a writing class with and to whom i casually mentioned we were friends only because i was facebook stalking and had not made any friends at deakin yet....that rich? pretty sure it was the only time we ever spoke. hah. i rock at friend-making, cleary.