Wednesday, May 5, 2010

in canada.

alright so the rest of the time at don's was killer. we went to a bunch more places and spent a bunch more time sleeping and getting our lives rejuvenated. one night we went and saw the dead weather play at this little venue which ruled. another night we went to a restaurant on top of this huge mountain looking out over birmingham which was real nice and then went and saw the black keys in a little club. blew my mind. flat out blew my mind. on our second last day there we played for a bunch of indie record store owners from all over the states in a warehouse in birmingham. it was a weird mood playing in a warehouse. wouldn't have picked us to be a band that would work in one but it seemed to go okay. i got some records real cheap too. gnarly. on our last evening we went to dreamland. they had bbq ribs and a lot of them. they had bibs. the lady put mine on for me. it was amazing.

i still haven't been to a cinema while i've been travelling yet. this is insane.

after that we went to nashville. we made friends quickly with some people named norman, lady pearl, delbert reese, barbara jean, connie white...all up probably around 24 people. there was even this guy with a tricycle riding everywhere. he seemed to transition into every situation we were in. not kidding. just before we left everything climaxed in the parthenon. there was a concert and everyone was playing. crazy. i guess christmas has always smelled like oranges to me anyway. i managed to get a photo while we were there.

that's linnea reese. she really brought the house down. best kids too.

anyway from there we went to bloomington. it was alright. more mexican for eats. good times. the show we played had approx 10 people there (i think 7 were from the two openers) but that's cool. good chance to try out some brand new stuff and experiment a little. we stayed in some hotel (they all look the same now) and woke up the next day and drove to newport, kentucky. we played at a converted house called southgate house. apparently the tommy gun was invented there.

a tommy gun.

the house was pretty sweet, would be cool to live there. show went okay. tried a beer or two. blue moon, a wheat beer they had really killed it. they put some random stuff in there to make it taste better. excellent. we stayed there for the night and i was trying to work on my film script but this burly friendly guy with an eye patch kept bursting in and talking to me about working stiffs and stuff like that. but he was friendly enough. here's a photo of us.

things got a little weird by the end. flames and such.

we met some sweet girls who let us stay in their attic and made us awesome pancakes in the morning. we schooled them on how australians talk. one of them couldn't get it right and sounded like they were deaf. we travelled along and found our way to canada. crossing the border was pretty easy. we got inspected a little though.

"i'm sorry about this ma'am but you can never be too careful nnnnnNGMOOOOO"

we didn't really get inspected. then we got some food. then we drove to the hotel which looks like every other hotel. i think i'm slowly going insane. we're playing in prescott tonight. apparently the venue is nice. keen.



  1. in one of my classes we actually talked about how most limited-service hotels try to make EVERYTHING the same: same decor, same room layouts... sometimes even down to the scent in the lobby. how incredibly boring.

    next time you get to a video rental store, check out the shape of things, if you haven't seen it already.

  2. Does everyone have flappy heads?

  3. Hey,

    Just wanted to leave a comment to say absolutely amazing show in Toronto last night - really something special.

    Bought the EP and can't wait til the full debut comes out. Best of luck with the rest of the tour :)

  4. There are so so so so many many many things I enjoy about your blog.

  5. i'm with ben. please, keep up the insanity.