Sunday, May 16, 2010

mmm. yais.

the drive from montreal to boston wasn't too bad. i don't remember if we stopped off anywhere or not. as we were leaving montreal though one of our windows suddenly smashed. it was utterly bizarre. nothing on the ground near the point of impact that could have done it. no sign of anyone. i wonder if it was a sniper with a frozen bullet. it wouldn't need to travel very fast to break our window although i guess that would depend on its' shape. it could be a pellet type or perhaps more of a standard pointed bullet style. from an elevated position (there were apartment windows all around) i don't think they'd have much trouble. but then you have to think about the wind. i guess since we were in the north we didn't have to worry a whole lot about humidity wrecking the usefulness of the ammunition given the bullet itself is made of frozen water. or perhaps another heavier liquid.

food for though. it was probably just a rock but it helps to think about these things.

we got boston and unloaded. turns out the venue was in a basement which isn't very fun for loading in or out. but that's okay. after the load in i got a salad and wandered a bit. ran into simon (binns) who i know from a while back from the antiskeptic message boards (that's really taking it back). we talked awhile; i expressed my jealously that he had seen christopher walken in a play off broadway and he expressed his envy that we were touring with mumford. a fair trade i think.

we played and then mumford played. we both did okay. load out and head to the hotel. sleep.

the next day we drove into NYC. this ruled. a lot. i've been waiting for us to reach NYC for a long time. rich met us outside his apartment and we went for a walk up to this thing called the high rail which is this old railtrack above the streets on the upper west side that's been out of use since the 1920's. plants grew all along it and eventually the city decided to invest in turning it into this swish walkway. it's really awesome, very surreal to just be walking around in the city above the city. i dig it. we went to some italian restaurant/bar after that which was real nice. had some pizza and some laughs. back to rich's, watched the end of hangover then tried to decide what to do with the night. eventually jord, jack and i headed to times square for a look around. i bought some black & white for my yashica electro GSN. i just finished it tonight. we got back to rich's after that, finished off some of true lies then headed back to our hotel in jersey.

woke up and went for a walk. i found a battery shop which was good but then it was closed which is bad. got some subway, sat around for a while. i finished watching all of the nightmare on elm street films (all 7). 1-5 were pretty alright and 7 too. 6 sucked. eventually we headed off to the venue in philly where we are now. the filmore. it's real nice here. i walked around for a bit and snapped some photos. i'm typing this while we soundcheck. should be a good show. i wonder if ?uestlove will come out for it...



  1. oooookay mikey. you are watching far too many war/sniper movies. how about a nice romantic comedy once in a while? just sayin'...

  2. Your drumming is awesome.. thank you for coming to Philly! God bless!

  3. HA! A frozen bullet? Logical conclusion, of course.

  4. Hey, I was at the show in philly and I gotta say you guys rocked. What were those first two songs you guys played? I bought the EP online and I dont think its on there... was wondering if they'll be on future albums.

    Again, you guys were amazing, hope you come around again.

  5. thanks for coming out to the show man. the first two songs were named mount morgan and hunger. they may be on our album which will be out before the end of the year.

  6. damn, i just found out about you guys as you leave boston, bummmmmer man. love the music though!

  7. So I just followed you guys from phila, to nyc twice, to dc. 4 shows, 5 days, 3 cities. Today I literally cried in my car like a little girl because I want to be in Cleveland tonight, but thought the trip would be just a little on the crazy-lady side. Thanks much for your beautiful sound. Never even heard of Mumford until Sunday, guess it was a lucky turn that I ended up loving their sound too. Thanks so much for the beauty of your work. YOU are a drumming maniac. Visit again soon! <3 xxx

  8. hi jennifer, that's crazy! thanks so much for coming along! glad you enjoyed yourself. and thanks for the compliments :) we'll be back!

  9. I'm looking forward to when you and Mumford land yourselves in Perth in July! What a lineup on that festival.

    I hope you have an amazing time touring the states!